DB as your home

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Discovery Bay “DB”, is a stunning residential enclave, surrounded by mountainous green country parks…..but just 25 minutes comfortable trip to Central Hong Kong.


It is unique and surprising, as its Europeanesque appeal blends against some more familiar Hong Kong Characteristics.


With a blend of high-rises, and lowrise accommodation, including exclusive houses, it is very diverse in housing choice. It has second to none and generous provision of recreational facilities and yet provides total convenience to the urban areas. But for most, it is the haven away from the concrete jungle, allowing the family to be secure and care-free, that appeals the most its seems.


Discovery Bay’s resort-style living is enhanced hugely by the diversity of its community, with one third being local inhabitants, and the remainder an eclectic mix from every continent.


Apart from an active sporting community, Discovery Bay has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene. “DB” is a dining destination in its own right, but the open air South Plaza is legendary for its place as the original social heart of this popular enclave.


The vibrancy of DB’s social, scene provides activities for all, friends for life, and for many, new horizons. Welcome to the “DB Lifestyle”!